Charlie has been a CPA since 1972, but for the last 40+ years, he has focused on real estate and business development. Charlie has held principal positions in the coal, construction, hotel, and real estate fields, and he has developed dozens of hotels, commercial buildings and residential properties in the middle Atlantic and southern part of the U.S. He is the CEO of VIM, Inc., which has served as the manager of every hotel developed. Charlie is also responsible for and essential to the financing of each development project our group undertakes. Additionally, he manages the day-to-day financial controls of the various development projects once completed. He graduated with honors from Marshall University with degrees in accounting and economics and currently resides in Charleston, SC and Fayetteville, WV.


Clarence has been involved in the hotel business for over four decades and has experience in all aspects of hotel operations, including personnel, marketing, development and construction. Prior to joining forces with Charlie in the mid 1980s, Clarence was a senior executive with American Motor Inns, a major Holiday Inn franchise owner that owned and operated more than 60 full-service Holiday Inns, as well as a substantial number of other nationally flagged hotel properties. While with American Motor Inns, Clarence served as Director of Personnel, Vice President of Personnel and Labor Relations and Vice President of Operations. He now serves as the COO of VIM, Inc. and is responsible for the development activities and day-to-day operations of the group’s hotel portfolio. Clarence received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Georgia.


Stephen holds a bachelors degree in Economics with a Certificate in Finance from Princeton University, where he graduated with honors in 2006 while playing on the varsity baseball team. In 2010, Stephen obtained his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. From November 2010 to October 2011, Stephen worked as a law clerk for the Philadelphia Eagles, assisting the general counsel of the Eagles in her everyday activities, which included drafting sponsorship, club seat license and vendor contracts. From November 2011 to October 2012, Stephen worked as an associate in the capital markets group of the New York office of Proskauer Rose LLP, where he represented issuers and underwriters in connection with public and private equity and debt transactions, including initial public offerings, 144A debt offerings, Section 4(a)(2) debt and equity offerings, and other sophisticated business transactions. Stephen serves as the General Counsel of VIM, Inc. and Mountain Shore Properties, where he oversees legal matters for the company and assists both with day-to-day operations of the hotels and new development.



VIM, Inc. (formerly Virginia Inn Management, Inc.) currently serves or has served as the management company of all the hotels our group has developed or acquired over the past three plus decades. VIM was formed in the mid 1980s by its two principals, Charles Wendell and Clarence Kerr. In 1989, the company began an active program of developing nationally flagged limited-service hotels along major interstate highway corridors in the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions of the United States. VIM became one of the most successful operators of limited-service hotel properties in the southeast and mid-Atlantic region, which is evidenced by its impressive track record:

  • VIM has or is managing hotels in 8 different states, which include Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.
  • VIM has managed (or is preparing to manage) 25 hotels since its inception, totaling approximately 3,000 guest rooms.
  • VIM has managed hotel flags for Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and IHG. 
  • Hotel properties managed by VIM have consistently won national industry awards as being successful and well operated. For a list of these awards, please visit this page.

In 2012, Charlie and Clarence welcomed Stephen to the VIM team as General Counsel, where he helps with all the company’s legal matters, the day-to-day operations of the company and most importantly, new development.

The fact that the VIM and MSP internal teams are comprised of the same individuals provides a beneficial synergy to our group that greatly benefits our hotel investors. After our hotels are developed, our principals are able to closely monitor our hotel properties and focus on maximizing room rates and occupancies while carefully controlling operating expenses and especially, capital expenditures. Our principals are extremely “hands-on” in their management of the hotel properties, frequently visiting the properties and communicating daily with each hotel’s staff. Additionally, because our principals have experienced certain hardships and pitfalls in managing hotels that were due to mistakes made during the development process in addition to the inevitable ups and downs caused by local, state and national economic factors, they have been able to learn from these mistakes and economic changes, and therefore are able to more efficiently guide hotel projects through development, construction and operations. This active involvement from our principals is what results in quality projects and optimal financial results that exceed the expectations of our investors.