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Mixed-Use Apartment/Retail Building & Four Townhomes - Philadelphia, PA

Property Details

Square Footage: In Development

Address: 1430 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Description: We bought this 10,000 square foot lot in September of 2013. Formerly home to the Jamaican Jerk Hut’s outdoor dining and music events, we constructed a 27,000+ square foot 5-story mixed-use building with 34 apartments and 2,200 square feet of retail space facing South Street, which is now fully occupied and home to Freehouse Fitness Studios. Additionally, we built four townhomes of ~2,500 square feet each facing Kater Steet. The townhomes consist of 3 traditional 3-story row homes with pilot houses and roof decks and 1 carriage house over a shared drive aisle, which will provide access to the shared parking area between the mixed-use building and the townhomes. The apartments are fully occupied, all townhomes have been sold, and the apartment building is well-positioned for the future.


Mixed-Use Apartment/Retail Building - 300 Market Street - Philadelphia, PA

Property Details

Square Footage: 8,800 sf

Address: 300 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Description: We bought this incredibly located property in the heart of Old City Philadelphia in the fall of 2015 and currently are construction on a four-story building with a basement totaling 8,800 square feet. The ground floor will be ~1400 sf of retail space and floors 2-4 will each consist of four efficiency studio units. The retail space is currently officially for lease and the building will be complete by summer of 2017. 


55 Acres on I-95 and FLA 200 - Jacksonville, FL

Property Details

Square Footage: Undeveloped

Address: Adjacent to I-95 and State Route 200 in Northeast Quadrant, Nassau County, Florida

Description: This well-located property was bought in 2007 for development but due to the economic crisis, we have been hesitant to develop until we are sure of the highest and best use for the land. Our plan is to start development as early as next year, and we have already started negotations with several other development groups this past year about a joint venture arrangement on this property.



[SOLD] Single-Family Homes - 1933-35 Reed St. & 1339-43 S. Opal St. - Philadelphia, PA


Property Details

Square Footage: ~2,700 sf per home (5 total homes)

Address: 1933-35 Reed St. & 1339-43 S. Opal St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

Year Built: 2015-16

Cost: $1,492,500 for all 5 homes

Sale Price (Year): $2,057,000 for all 5 homes (Throughout 2016)

IRR: 20% (the sale of these homes is part of a seven home development project with two other homes located on Sydenham Street)


[SOLD] Single-Family Homes - 1132-34 Sydenham St. - Philadelphia, PA

Property Details

Square Footage: ~2,700 sf per home

Address: 1132-34 Sydenham Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Year Built: 2014

Cost: $610,000 for both homes

Sale Price (Year): $815,000 for both homes (February 2015)

IRR: 20% (the sale of these homes is part of a seven home development project with five homes on Reed and Opal Street)